Five Minutes With: Cameron Speechley, Rackley Swimming general manager

Five Minutes With: Cameron Speechley, Rackley Swimming general manager

1. Rackley was first established 21 years ago, how has the business evolved over the years?
Rackley Swimming has truly revolutionized over the years. We started with one humble swim school on the gold coast, and 21 years later we have grown to 23 swim sites located across South East Queensland; from Kawana on the Sunshine Coast, throughout Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and across the Gold Coast.

2. This will be Rackley’s fourth swim school within a shopping centre, why is this style of tenancy beneficial for business and how will Rackley’s inclusion within a shopping centre benefit the local community?
Swimming lessons are vital for children, and our families are equally true-believers when it comes to enrolling their kids in potentially life-saving lessons. However, as our days are intensifying and becoming busier, at Rackley Swimming, we’ve realised we’ve had to make some modifications to our business model, to help streamline swimming lessons into the mix.

Our families have indicated they just want the whole process to be easy … so that’s why we’ve started to open in local shopping centres, to offer families that one-stop opportunity, where they can easily park and swim, then can go to the shops if need be, without having to bundle the family in and out of the car. These locations usually have undercover parking, and are in a very central location, so if we can provide a service that’s easy to slot into the schedule, then it’s a win-win for everyone. But most importantly, it’ helping to ensure kids learn to swim, and how to be safer swimmers!

3. Why did you decide Yamanto Central was the right opportunity for Rackley?
It’s such an exciting part of the South East, and is expanding with enormous opportunity for both families, and for retail. The shopping precinct is a truly enormous and new-age platform for the community to enjoy, filled with a vast array of traditional and non-traditional retailers. We wanted to be part of that mix, to ensure the community received the very best service in swimming lessons, along with the other modern service providers.

4. Your closest swim school is located in Redbank Plains, what made you decide to expand the business within the greater Ipswich region?
Because there’s a need, and we know we have the model, the qualified staff, and the facility space, to ensure we offer the very best in swimming lessons to this new, local community. It’ll be more convenient for Yamanto residents, and it’ll be another new-build, so we can continue to grow with our families and their needs.

5. What can customers expect from Rackley Swimming at Yamanto Central?
As a leading swim school, our primary aim is to teach children vital swimming skills, in a nurturing, positive and accommodating environment, where kids can feel happy, and free to learn at their own pace. In addition to our convenient location, with easy access, season-ready pools and changing facilities, we’ll also have the largest L-shape formation pool possible within that space, and ample viewing areas for parents to equally enjoy the classes.

At Rackley Swimming, we offer swim packages for multiple sessions a week, and discounts for families where there are three or more children swimming. We provide Baby Splash Classes where bubs aged two to six months, can swim with their carer for free. Plus if a family is new to Rackley Swimming, they can come and try for free or enjoy a free Swim Safety Assessment. We’re all about accommodating our families and their needs, so we simply ask locals to jump onto our website or contact us to find out more details.

6. Services will be on offer at the Yamanto Central Location?
While we’re offering swimming lessons, within metres of us, families will be able to easily walk to enjoy cafes and restaurants, favourite chain shops and boutiques, as well a fresh food markets and delis. The new Yamanto Central will truly meet the expectations of the community and provide a local hub for all family members to gather, benefit and enjoy.

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